Address : 1-3-3 Honcho, Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan

Tel: +81 44 223 6374

Phone: +81 80 3339 1985

Email : travel.solutions.jp@gmail.com / jv.solutions.vj@gmail.com

Fanpage: @travel.soltions.jp

Website: http://www.jvsolutions.co.jp/

JV SOLUTION LTD., COMPANY has been established in Tokyo to create a bridge for business between VIETNAM and JAPAN. In the beginning, we were a Travel Agency introducing Vietnamese tourists to the beauty of Japan, along with Japan’s ever so modern technology. However with the time, we discovered endless possibilities for Vietnamese companies to have opportunities to collaborate with the companies existing in Japan. With the development of JV Solution along with the cooperation of our strategic partners, our future objective is Tourism and Investment Consulting

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